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Bigen 47 Medium Chestnut Powder Hair Color 6g


Bigen 47 Medium Chestnut Powder Hair Color comes in a 6g packet and is perfect for those looking for a natural-looking hair color. This permanent hair color powder is easy to use and provides long-lasting, rich color that covers gray hair.


  • Long-lasting hair color
  • Covers gray hair
  • Easy to use powder formula
  • Natural-looking color
  • Permanent color


  • Provides rich, vibrant color that lasts
  • Covers gray hair for a youthful look
  • Easy to use formula allows for at-home coloring
  • Natural-looking color enhances your natural beauty
  • Permanent color means you won't have to touch up frequently

Use Cases:

  • Those looking to cover gray hair
  • Individuals who want a natural-looking hair color
  • People who want to color their hair at home
  • Individuals who want a long-lasting, permanent hair color

Try Bigen 47 Medium Chestnut Powder Hair Color for a rich, natural-looking hair color that lasts.